Meet the team behind The Shaker

The Shaker
Tue 27 Jun


Lisa Portolan 


Lisa is a writer from Sydney, Australia who has spent over ten years working in public relations and advertising across government campaigns and industry alike. She has a BA Communications / International Studies, an MA International Studies and is a PhD candidate.

She has one book published, and her second novel is due to be released by Canadian publishing house, Double Dragon in September 2017. Her debut short film script is currently being filmed for release in 2018.

She has a passion for business and devours news.

You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @lisaportolan



Nic Crowther 


Nic Crowther is a proud Canberran who writes with a passion for the city. With a love of food and wine, as well as politics and mass media, Nic likes to discuss, interrogate and parody the big issues of the day.

When not examining contentious ideas, he can be found enjoying a meal at any of Canberra's dining establishments.








Alex Dickens 

Deputy Editor 

Alex is The Shaker's young gun! She is fresh on the communications scene with just 2 years in the industry under her belt.

Graduating from the University of Canberra with a double degree Bachor of Communications in Public Relations / Bachelor of Arts in Politics & Government and International Studies, Alex has a passion for digital, trending tech and innovative business. 

Alex always has a pen in her hand, an undying passion for her morning coffee and a witty remark locked and loaded! 




Meet Our Contributors 

Sheena Ireland 

The Local Look

Sheena is known for always having a smile on her face and a coffee in her hand. You'll hear her laugh before you see her and her rev-head car before it rounds the bend. She is a passionate advocate of supporting local. As the founder and editor of The Local Look and a small business owner, she encourages everyone to be aware of the wonderful local products and services in their area and to be mindful of their purchases. She believes storytelling has the power to really connect with people and through it, we can encourage people and influence change for the better.






Robert Way 

Business analyst, trainer and coach

Robert has been involved in the personal development world for over 13 years, with his obsession spanning NLP, hypnosis, coaching, mentoring, body language, micro expressions and more. 

He has applied that knowledge as a consultant, providing services at many different levels that include small business to government agencies. 

Robert has a proven track record in providing business analysis, project and change management services that were underpinned by his ability to read people and situations. 

Robert's passion is to help people understand themselves and others in whatever way he can if it's what they are interested in. 

Rob is the author of 'Phone Rapport', 'Just Do Your Job' and 'Communicating Like A Boss'.


Aaron Coddington 

Bonsella Business Solutions 

Aaron is a qualified CA with 8 years’ experience in public practice. Aaron also holds a sports management degree but finds accounting far more exciting! He has worked in big 4 firms as well as smaller accounting firms in Canberra and Perth but has found a home for himself at Bonsella. He is interested in working closely with small business owners to maximise their wealth and help achieve their business goals.