From zero to hero - 7 apps for small business

Ramesha Perera
Fri 14 Dec

Time is precious for small business owners. No matter what industry you’re in, when you run your own business there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything you need. If you’re looking for a way to make everyday business tasks quicker and more convenient, there’s an app for that. Here are our top picks!


Small business apps for accounting

Xero logoXero Accounting & Invoices

Cost. Subscriptions from $25 per month.

Why do I need it? Xero is a mobile accounting app with a range of tools to assist small business owners in managing their finances. It allows you to view your account balances and outstanding invoices, settle bank transactions, send invoices on the go and monitor your cashflow in real time. A very handy resource if you’re strapped for time. The Xero app is available for download on iOS and Android.




Small business apps for file sharing, file storage and organisation


Cost. Free

Why do I need it? Signing important business documents when you’re constantly on the go can be a hassle. Instead of printing, signing, scanning and emailing paperwork, HelloSign offers a straightforward way to send and receive contracts to make the process easier. This app allows you to scan documents or import PDF files using your phone, create a realistic signature with your fingertip and submit the signed document via email. HelloSign is available on iOS and Android.


Small business apps for communicating and collaborating

Slack LogoSlack

Cost. Free

Why do I need it? Tired of multiple, back-and-forth email chains with your staff? Slack can save time and increase productivity with real-time communication and collaboration for you and your team. There are several options available to provide easy and efficient communication including direct messages, private channels and group chats. The search function helps you find specific information easily and a drag-and-drop feature allows for file sharing. You can start using slack on iOS and Android.



Small business apps for accepting payments

Square logoSquare Point of Sale

Cost. Free (Contactless and chip reader available for $59)

Why do I need it? Does your small business accept mobile and credit card payments? This free point-of-sale app allows you to facilitate tap-and-go cards and mobile payments, such as Apple Pay, and simultaneously keep track of sales and inventory. Simply install the Square Point of Sale app on your smartphone or tablet and pair it with a Square contactless and chip reader or a Square chip card reader. You can then accept credit card, debit card and mobile payments easily, with money deposited into your account within one to two business days. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all valid, but a fee of 1.9% applies to each payment. Download Square Point of Sale for iOS here.


Small business apps for managing social media accounts


Cost. Free.
Why do I need it? In the modern business world an organised social media strategy is crucial to online success. This is where HootSuite can help – it’s the most popular social media management app worldwide allowing you to share and schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The AutoSchedule feature saves time by spreading content over a number of days, while the analytics tools help you track the success of your social media strategy. 
Try HootSuite on iOS and Android.


Other useful small business apps

Thrive logoThrive 

Cost. Free

Why do I need it? The Thrive Small Business App tracks your business’ performance in real time. Through the app’s user-friendly interface you can access current sales, profitability and social media data. Gain an understanding of the significant events and developments affecting your business and sales so you can make informed decisions about its direction and future. You can download Thrive for iOS here.


Cost. $7/per user per month 

Why do I need it? Nectir dramatically enhances idea engagement by bringing all your people together to collectively share ideas, solve business challenges and execute the best thinking in a business. Using some of the latest technology in behavioural science to spark motivation. With built-in social and behavioural rewards and the ability to incentivize performance, your teams will be motivate to innovate, constantly. Necitr is compatible with iOS and Android.