Yep - There's Another Social Media Platform Out There That You need to Get Your Head Around.

Nic Crowther
Thu 04 Jun

Are you one of those people who look at Twitter and thinks it’s a pointless waste of time? Perhaps your just sick of seeing the input of other couch potatoes while you’re trying to watch your favourite panel show.

Regardless, Twitter is very much ingrained in the rich media experience, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. With its ability to deliver information in an almost-live format, no other social media platform has come near to replacing it as the go-to for quick thoughts on the world around us.

Venture investor, public speaker, private equity adviser, and former employee of Google, Chris Sacca, knows the tech world as well as anyone. As the manager of Lowercase Capital, Sacca has a lot to say about Twitter and Periscope. 



Most interestingly, he’s very excited about Twitter’s recent acquisition of Periscope – the latest next-big-thing that allows users to live broadcast video of what’s particularly following its acquisition of Periscope – the latest next-big-thing that allows users to create and broadcast live video feeds of whatever is happening around them.

At the end of a 8,000 word brain-dump on the Lowercase Capital blog, Sacca issues the following observation:

If Twitter’s unique advantage is real-time, then Periscope takes that lead to the next level. The audience response to Periscope broadcasts is emotionally visceral. There is live, and then there is standing just one selfie away from the planet’s most interesting people.



Essentially, we are now so used to broadcasting the history of our human experience (via Facebook or Instagram) the next logical step is to bring the video experience through to users in real time.

The marketing potential is huge. Bringing users closer to your brand’s events and personalities can forge a stronger bond with your consumers. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read more from Chris Sacca here.