Who wants to go to Work?

Nic Crowther
Thu 21 May

Well, lots of people. It’s a basic necessity of life. However, for many employees, there are some conditions that turn going to work from a challenge into a treat.

Many of these involve a small-to-medium investment that can bring positive returns over time for your business.

  1. A functioning coffee machine… with milk!

You can crunch the maths for yourself, but supplying something as simple, manageable and efficient as a Nespresso Machine (from $160.00) can save you a fortune. The average trip to a coffee shop takes around 20 minutes, while the provision of a pod and 100mls of milk can slice 15 minutes of the downtime with an outlay of around $1.00. Go with ‘Nespresso-compatible’ pods and you’re saving even more (but your staff may not be so appreciative).

An added benefit, staff typically discuss their work while standing around the office coffee machine.

  1. OH&S-complaint workstations.

This is a larger outlay, but you’ve got years to amortise it. Plus, the benefit comes through less health issues due to RSI (or Occupation Overuse Syndrome) and bad backs, and a potential reduction on your Worker’s Compensation fees.

Any business with more than XX employees is required by law to have a trained OH&S representative within the current staff. If your business is lacking, get too it – just like any other form of insurance it is particularly useful when something goes wrong.

  1. A fully-stocked bar.

You may laugh, but this is an easy one.

It’s not about introducing a drinking culture into the workplace… it’s more about providing reward at the end of the working week. Most people are more than happy to maintain sobriety from Monday to Friday, but when the weekend comes there is nothing better than a beer or wine or two prior to heading home.

Beers can cost as little as $2.00 each and a decent bottle of wine id $10.00. Those with picky palates will likely bring their own and stash it next to the goon.

  1. Free breakfast and a fruit bowl.

Get your staff into the office early with cereal and toast on offer. Again, these involve pretty small outlays, and increase productivity and improve the general atmosphere of the office and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel the need, have breakfast available only prior to work hours so you can be assured of gleaning the extra benefit. Monitor the uptake and resulting attendance and adjust accordingly.

These are just some of the simple ideas that can lead to a more productive, positive and healthy workplace.  There are plenty of others, but regardless of what you decide, you’ll be amazed by the difference even the smallest gestures can make.