What type of training suits you?

Barbara Wilson
Wed 12 Jul

I often get asked; Where do you train? Where can I take an exercise class? What facilities do they have? The list goes on…

But the thing with going to a gym is that it’s not always one size fits all, because they can really vary!

Some gyms are part of leisure centres, others are privately owned and only as big as a room, others are 24-hour facilities run as a franchise, others specialise in weight loss, some have group classes only, others have free weights and cardio….as you can see the list is infinite!

However, gyms are everywhere…some are in big multi-complex shopping areas, others have swimming facilities, some are outdoors, all with their own private trainers.

Some have package deals for a year, 3 months, month or casual visits. Some have personal trainers who guide you with specific programs who became your mentors and facilitators plotting your goals over a periodic time which may also include nutritional guidelines.

Some people join running clubs in a led up to the city to surf run or other marathons during a specific season. Some have multi rooms …yoga studios, spin, pump, step…. free weights galore not to mention treadmills, rowers, steppers, bikes…

Music for motivation or for you to bring your own headphones and watch the daily news as you pound the treadmill. Some gyms also have programs for specific groups like pregnancy, seniors, rehabilitation and GP referrals.

Some pieces of exercise equipment have virtual screens where who decide the location, terrain, duration as you ride the Dolomites in Europe. Saunas, spas, massage, coffee, multivitamin shakes, cereals, protein shakes galore. Kids clubs too along with creche facilities. As you can see the ambience and facilities are vast!

Many also run outdoor boot camps, mum’s bubs stroller groups, walking, running sessions etc at the local community parks.

Whatever suits you and your mindset, time, day etc. It becomes social, a place you will return to… But why? Is it the experienced trainers, magic ingredient of the easy parking, children’s’ crèche, state of the art facilities, a variety of classes or warm towels?

If you are trying to decide which gym is the best for you, gather all the information you can. Many places will give you complimentary trail packages, bring a friend, try boxing, circuit and the weights area.

Do you like group classes where the instructor/ trainer leads you with inspirational music and choreography or do you like some independence in the cardio/ weights area? Whatever takes your fancy, there are plenty of ways to jump start your fitness! Check out their Facebook page, website; read over member referrals, do they have any challenges, social events or initiative packages etc. Ask questions galore. You need to feel happy with your experience and want to return!

Remember it will be the best part of your day. Be it early morning, during the day or evening. It will become a lifestyle!