Vale, Zaha Hadid. Here are 10 of her defining works

Friday 1 April 2016
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Architecture nerds, world travellers, aesthetes and anyone else seduced by curvaceous forms woke this morning to mourn the passing of Zaha Hadid.

Hadid, the principal of one of the world’s most sought-after architecture and design firms, died overnight of a sudden heart attack at the age of 65.



From her first solo project in 1995 for the Vitra Fire Station through to the recently controversial proposal for the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, the path to success had been swift and very, very public.

As with anyone who progresses the human spirit, at the end of the day we are left with the art. Here are 10 projects that defined her career and demonstrated her talents across multiple disciplines.


1. Vitra Fire Station (1994)

The project that put Hadid on the map with its strong geometry and unconventional approach to the building's functionality.

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2. Sheikh Zayed Bridge (2011)

Based on the rolling dunes of the Saudi peninsula, this elegant approach to bridge design garnered worldwide attention.

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3. London Aquatic Centre (2012)

Designed for the 2012 Olympics, the origial version featured 'wings' similar to that of the Sydney Olympic Stadium. Now, the elegant forms return as part of the venue's reduced capacity.

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4. Flinder's Street Station (2012)

This was Hadid's proposal for the redevelopment of Melbourne's iconic station. The job was eventually awarded to HASSELL, Herzog and De Meuron.

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5. Flames (2015)

Designed for Milan Design Week, these 3D printed shoes investigate the point where fashion meets technology.

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6. Soho Beijing (2012)

One of the more extraordinary buildings in Beijing (and there are penty!), Soho is a long way form the uitlitarian, angular forms that represent the city's transformation under Chairman Mao.

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7. 'Unique Circle' Yacht (2012)

Buying an apartment in a Hadid-designed busilding might be a possibility, but this something we can only dream about. Just wait until you see the interior!

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8. Beijing New Airport Terminal (2015)

If succesful in its bid, Zaha Hadid architects will be building the biggest passenger terminal on Earth.

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9. Parametric Swimwear (2014)

The fluid and skeletal forms that define much of Hadid's architure found a natural home in this range of peek-a-boo swimwear.

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10. Tokyo Olympic Stadium (2013)

Accused of looking rather 'yonic' and with a price-tag of over $2 billion, this design was eventually scropped for a cheaper, more conservative option.

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