Ten Top Tips from Jordan P. Martin on motivation

Woman dancing with earphones
Jordan P. Martin
Mon 07 Oct

You’d think that self-motivation was ingrained into the general working mechanisms of whatever entrepreneurs are made up of, right? Cue ‘error’ sound effect – because you’d be wrong I’m afraid...

In fact, entrepreneurs have just as many ups and downs (if not more) than anyone else... it’s a tough business being out there on your own and trying to push forward in your chosen industry... SO here are ten top motivational tips for all you entrepreneurs.

1. Hashtagging 

Dedicate your Mondays to a little bit of uplifting hashtagging... yep! Scan the #mondaymotivation for some ways to get going for the week, and even share a few pointers yourself... the whole #inittogether vibe is motivational in itself. 

2. Dance

There’s nothing quite like music to get you motivated... it’s not just the lyrics, nor the vibrational resonance – but if you move your body to one song every day, you’ll be sure to feel holistically ready for your next task. #moredancinglessmonday #moredancinglessmundane

3. Mornings 

It’s so easy to be work-work-work instead of wake-prep-work-rest-production-repeat. The key to working from home without lacking drive is to literally wake up, have a shower, get ready, have breaky, and go out... Even if you don’t have anywhere to go (go for a stroll). If you book morning meetings, or a gym session, or even schedule the dog walk prior to your working day, then you’ll be ready to push forward with tasks. Waking up and getting straight to work can have you flagging by mid-morning. Don’t deny it – if you’re an entrepreneur, you would have at some point woken up and worked in your PJs before even brushing your teeth. Avoid this if you want to keep motivated! And to steer well clear of the dreaded BURNOUT!

4. First name terms 

Start referring to yourself in third person... not in a ‘weird’ way... so avoid this strategy in conversations with actual real-life people, especially in client meetings – however, when it comes to your work diary – go all out with referring to yourself by name and scheduling actual tasks in relation to your progress list. Treat yourself as you would a client. Value your time and your tasks as you would value your clients’ time and tasks. 

5. Keep a diary

Talking of diaries... I know we’re in the technological age – and it’s all about the electronic diaries and plugging in dates and so on... but there is much said to actually listing your tasks in an actual physical old-school diary – with a pen! As an entrepreneur since I was a teen, I keep all my diaries, and this is handy for account records, (and memories), but also useful on a daily basis of listing and achieving. Go treat yourself to a fabulous diary and new pen.

6. Colour code

Wear colours that motivate you – be professional – but add some brightness to your overall ensemble when heading to meetings or even to the post office. This can be some vibrant nail polish or a jazzy pair of socks. Subtle but motivational.

7. Affirmations

Trick your brain into being motivated. We are indeed more than our minds. And as a trained Mind Detox Practitioner, I am fully aware of the impact of tricking our minds: Say it. Believe it. And you’ll be motivated. The trick to a good affirmation is to opt for present tense, first person, and to be specific: For example, ‘I am motivated to finish this report on time.’ BAM. Easy!

8. Breaks

Easier than the last. TAKE A BREAK. Not rocket science, is it? There is plenty of research to suggest and prove that if we have regular breaks then our motivation increases, and as a result productivity does too.

9. Work with others

When we team-up on projects then we feel motivated. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be lonely... Schedule regular meetings to motivate you in business and in life. Even hiring a PR professional, or an accountant can help. My previous PR clients have often reported back to me saying that they felt a sense of ‘someone having their back’ and ‘encouraging them in their work’

10. Learning

Study a new subject or hobby... If I want to learn something then I do it; not only is this a great way to personally develop, but it’s great for an entrepreneur to be in-the-know of various modalities and skills across industries. Learning, is a progressive experience (that facilitates our pursuit of ‘happiness’); one with reward – and this encourages motivation with task completion. 

I kid you not dear reader – this shiz actually works – I have tested it personally over a couple of decades (perhaps longer), and I have mentored others to do the same. I shall not bore you with case studies and names... simply try them for yourself and you’ll see the impact.