Taking 5 with traveling entrepreneur Sabrina Philipp

Ramesha Perera
Tue 04 Jun

These days, travel matters to more and more people. For those who still yearn to globe trot, traveling entrepreneur, Sabrina Philipp, is living proof that business owners, freelancers, and remote workers have the perfect advantage to design a life and business that goes wherever they are.

Sabrina launched her business after moving to Bali with $800 to her name. She made $5k her first month, $20k four months later, and has since built a global company making over $100k/each month. She is a passionate dog rescuer and has fostered eight dogs this year. Her company donates a portion of their profits to promote animal welfare in Southeast Asia.

Currently living in Bali, Sabrina Philipp is on a mission to see the world while she changes the world - one entrepreneur at a time. Her loyal community of over 20,000 business owners follows her closely to see where in the world she'll inspire them from next.


When did you know you wanted your life to be bigger than “normal"?

When I was a little girl, I used to close my eyes and picture my future, and I only ever saw one thing on the horizon: freedom. The freedom to do things my way. The freedomto say no to a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and an SUV to shuttle everyone back and forth to school and soccer practice. And definitely the freedom to opt out of a 9-5 job, where I’d be killing time as I counted down to retirement, spending every waking hour on Pinterest looking at travel porn instead of actually seeing the world like my soul desperately craved.


So how did you faciltate this?

Truthfully? I had no idea how I’d make it all happen. I just knew that there was no other option for me. I was a 20-something college chick on an exploratory mission.  It took me through the winding streets of Morocco as I studied Arabic and film during the day and mint tea and the bazaars at night all the way to an ashram for Yoga Teacher Training. I knew if I was going to change the world, I needed to first start with myself. That’s how I found myself in the Bahamas for six months, sleeping in a tent, wearing nothing but yellow T-shirts and talking to people named after Hindu gods. It was Heaven on Earth for a girl who’d never quite fit in.


When did you have your aha! moment?

During my time at the University of Florida, I released a social media campaign that went viral. You should know that was never my intention, just a byproduct of standing up for what you believe in and doing the things you’re meant to be doing. One of the organizations at my university had a history of racism that prevented students of color from getting involved on campus. So I made a video exposing the whole thing, and it went viral within 24 hours of being posted.
I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan and the Independent, and took meetings with the University President and Dean of Students. It was my first experiment using social media to create a movement, and it became the catalyst for my online business.


What did you do next?

I decided to go even bigger, booking a one-way ticket to Bali with $800 in my pocket and faith that I had what it took to hack this whole entrepreneurship thing. When I landed on the island, I picked up whatever work people would pay me for, booking a gig as a freelance social media writer and making $12 an hour to try to recreate the magic I’d made in college. By the end of the month, I’d made $5,000...the wrong way. I was hustling way too hard, taking on too many clients, and losing sleep over projects that didn’t make me feel fulfilled. I had a choice in front of me: keep doing what I was doing and create a life that was “good enough” or take the next step towards what I really wanted.

I knew I needed to get help from a coach who would take me further than I could ever go on my own. I faced my fears head on and took a leap of faith as I laid $3,600 I barely had on the line to hire my mentor, shaking in my boots the whole time. Immediately after hiring my coach, I had my first $10k month. I doubled it two months later. Soon, I was bringing in $50,000 a month and getting featured in places like Forbes and Business Insider.

I launched Build A Better Business to the tune of hundreds of new students who couldn’t wait to get a piece of this fiery hot momentum for themselves. Then lightning struck twice with The Bali Mastermind, which we dropped overnight like a freaking Beyonce album...and snagged 300 applications for 30 available spots.

From there, Sabrina Philipp International kept on growing, as we’ve released program after program and scaled this business far past the million dollar mark. I’ve finally hit the level of freedom that little girl had always desired, and I’m in it for the long haul, baby.


Wanna building the business of your dreams that doesn’t feel like work? See if Sabrina has the answers for you...