Spruce up Your House or Apartment with These 6 Fabulous Instagram Feeds

Nic Crowther
Tue 26 May

Are you addicted to your Instagram feed? We love it as well, but do try to incorporate a few inspirational follws in order to make our world a better place.  if your home could do with a bit of a touch up, or if you're trying to work out how you'll spend the winter months, here are six 'Grammers that bring the beauty of interior design directly to you smartphone.


Benjamin Vandiver



Another minimalist, Benjamin Sandiver has an eye for simple, clean lines wit just a hint of colour. Scroll through his feed for endless images of contempaory style mixed with snapshots of his life exploring far-flung corners of the earth. @benjaminvandiver


Ilenia Martini



Like all great designers,Photographer Ilenia Martini has a deep appreciation of white space, and just how few elements you need to make it appear interesting. Touring the streets of Berlin, Ilenia brings us all stark interiors with subtle natural elements that will have you buying a ticket to Germany for your next holiday. @ilemartini


Grant K Gibson



We all use Instagram as a way of peeking in to other people’s lives. Grant k Gibson takes it to another level by adding a white border to is images, making it truly feel that we are peeking in through a window to another world. and what a beautiful world it is. @grantkgibson


Nick Olsen



It takes a real skill to combine the old with the new. Nick Olsen seems to do it with ease (making us both love him and loathe him at the same time). With a bold palette and a broad understanding of how to build a space, organised clutter has never looked so good. @nickolsenstyle


The Selby



The Selby has a much more human element to it than many other ‘Grams. Todd Selby don’t just snap amazing interiors, he places their owners in the very centre with their personalities on display. Beautiful and occasional hilarious, it’s like a mini-dock within your feed. @theselby


The Everygirl



Lots and lots of pretty things here. While The EveryGirl covers all sorts of inspiring images - from fashion to food to flowers - it’s the interiors that caught our eye. With a quarter of a million followers, they’re clearly doing something right, so dive in and see what you can find to change things up at your place. @theeverygirl_