How to create memorable CX – the good kind.

Ramesha Perera
Thu 22 Nov

When your customers are happy with your product or service, you’ll not only see an increase in revenue, but you also retain your customers and gain some along the way.  


1. Pin down your customer  

Knowing who your customers is, is vital if you want to succeed. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Group your prospects into relevant categories to create personalized functions based on your understanding of their needs, wants and behaviours. Pinning this down means jumping in your customers’ shoes for a second – listening to their problems and responding with timely, targeted and relevant solutions. This level of personalised understanding will help you to connect with customers and help you deliver on your value propositions. 


2. Harness the humanity and sell the story, not the thing.  

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, people don’t like to do business with brands, they like to do business with people. Remember why you went into business, what were you trying to achieve and trying to give. Today’s customer wants to buy into a lifestyle, a perception, and a philosophy. Sell your story but be authentic. Tapping into people's emotions can be a powerful tool to building engagement and loyalty. Sell them the story, and in return, they will want the thing. 


3. Offer value they can’t refuse 

What makes you different from the guy next door or the online brand that produces its wears in Bangladesh and offers it at half price? Basically, what value are you adding to your customers life? Taking the time to think about how your product or service will add value to your customers’ lives in a meaningful way. Making customers happy should become part of your company’s DNA—the end goal is for them to walk away with newfound knowledge, a thirst for more and an appreciation for you and your brand. 


4. Keep it consistently consistent 

In whichever point of the buyer’s journey the customer is at consistency is key to breeding connection and inspiring loyalty. Tie your brand to an experience that customers will remember as something that is their own. Avoid being a one-hit wonder and instead become the reliable friend and familiar voice, the one they grow to love and trust. This ongoing relationship is essential to deliver a high-quality CX time and again. 


5. Your team are your brand ambassadors  

Human interaction is still essential in customer service.  Team development shouldn’t be a onetime thing. Track development through coaching, learning and group training to refresh practices and learn new skills. Know what your customers are saying about the quality of your service then compare that to the experience you have defined. From there, you can identify the training needs of each member of the customer support team. 

In an economy of failing businesses it’s important to remember that customer experience optimization is an ongoing process. No matter the nature of your business, taking necessary steps to improve CX continuously is always worth the effort.