How to continue your fitness routine on holidays

Barbara Wilson
Thu 03 Aug

Holidays are a time to destress, break away from routine, give yourself some down time etc. Many try to escape the cold winter for a summer paradise. I know I do this every year!

But if you are a regular gym goer, runner, walker etc how can you still maintain some form of exercise when your embracing happy hour, restaurants cuisines or sunbaking by the resort pool.


Simple! Be creative! In hotter climates, we tend to pack lighter (well for me it’s the extra shopping I do) however, always include a pair of trainers, socks, hat and sunscreen in your bag. You will always do some sort of walking via shopping and seeing sights. Is this not a form of exercise! Then include maybe hiring a bike, follow a designated walking trail, climb stairs or for me the trainers came in handy when I climbed Diamond Head crater in Hawaii.


In hotter climates you will have surfing, swimming, snorkelling, paddling, biking…the list is endless. All for hire with designated areas to use. You can even pay for private or group lessons to any of these activities.

Get up early to beat the heat in tropical climates. I am amazed at how early holiday makers rise to make the most of their day. Beach walks or walking, bike trails are very popular with impressive views. Grab a map and go exploring! Some of the best locations found whilst on holidays are ones we discover on our own and not from a brochure.


If a gym is available in your hotel even better. Whenever I am holidaying and a gym is available I always give it a go. The equipment may be different and they may not have group classes, but try something different; why not! Ride the recliner bike and try the new ab machine. You might like it!

Routines are in abundance through our social media; use your iPad or phone to download music, exercise videos or apps for a routine to follow.


Bands and skipping ropes are light to carry to do your exercises if a gym is unavailable. Try some exercises like push ups, crunches, squats and stretches. I often see people meditating and doing yoga on the beach. Check with reception to see if they have any group sessions like a water aerobics class in the resort pool.

Remember when on holidays there is always something to do to stay active and try to eat fresh produce, fresh fruits and drink water.


Remember, holidays are a time to relax, catch up with friends, family and replenish ourselves from the grind back home; therefore, exercise needs to not to be wholly intense. Cut your training down and modify it. Enjoy the holiday first and foremost, have fun, try new foods, catch up on some sleep, see those sights and most of all combining them will keep us refreshed. You will come back enthused post-holiday and return to the training you were doing pre-holiday with some fresh new ideas.


Your holiday is calling and it says drop everything…the board is waxed, the beach is waiting, thongs are smiling…no matter where you are on your holiday slow the speed and reinvigorate yourselves!

Now, what time was happy hour?