Global Businesses Investing in Canberra Airport Precinct

The Shaker
Tue 02 Jun

The doom and gloom that has dogged Canberra business sentiment in the past few years might be a thing of the past with the Federal Government lifting the hiring freeze imposed on the public service.

The governmental ‘tightening of the belt’ under successive Labor and Liberal regimes has meant businesses needing to work leaner and smarter, but maintain their operations at a reasonable level to support the demands of government for external service provision, and still be ready and capable of delivering quickly once the government gears up again.



This is no more obvious than movement in the property sector, particularly around the sleek Brindabella Business Park at Canberra Airport. Canberra is still seen as the place to be to secure and deliver major government business, and the airport is increasingly becoming a hub for defence, IT and security providers especially.

By way of example, global IT services provider CSC will consolidate its Canberra operations at 12 Brindabella Circuit in a couple of weeks (for a seven year lease) centralising around 150 staff from offices in Barton and Northbourne Avenue.



The CSC consolidation follows recent moves by two of the ‘big four’ global accounting and consulting firms already in the business park to strengthen their presence there. Deloitte will consolidate its Canberra operations on a long term lease at 8 Brindabella Circuit from August this year, and KPMG has renewed its lease on 20 Brindabella Circuit.

“It’s a great vote of confidence in our product and shows when you offer quality and service, clients respond positively,” says Canberra Airport Head of Property Richard Snow.

“Organisations believe the airport precinct is an excellent base to work from, particularly those dealing with government. There are sometimes initial hesitations about how staff will react to moving, but when they can get here in under 20 minutes pretty much from anywhere in Canberra and they experience the quality of the buildings, fitouts and the other facilities available to their workers, they realise what a difference a great workspace can make to staff cohesion, morale, productivity and to their bottom line.

“Time and again, we see people who are resistant to change become the biggest advocates of working here because of the quality of their surroundings and amenities.”



And the companies agree.

Stephen Brown Head of Regional Workplace Operations for CSC said their consolidation would deliver the organisation a single new place of business in Canberra allowing for better workplace collaboration and efficiencies.

“Important to CSC’s relocation to Brindabella Business Park was a contemporary new office that fit our requirements including convenient location, state-of-the-art facilities and services and the precinct-wide approach to workplace solutions that the business park provides. The new office space being fit for purpose will encourage greater collaboration amongst our employees and enable the consolidated team to take advantage of emerging technologies in the new environment for the benefit of our clients,” Mr Brown said.

Deloitte’s Office Managing Partner in Canberra, Lynne Pezzullo said the Deloitte consolidation at Brindabella Business Park was “a win for the connectivity of our teams, our collaboration, our business synergies and, of course, our clients”.

“Canberra Airport’s development activity, new hotel facilities, ease of parking, quality and diversity of amenities, as well as value for money ultimately drove the decision to expand at 8 Brindabella Circuit. We can now build our office of the future,” Ms Pezzullo said.