Get dressed for a summer of tennis - in Melbourne AND Canberra

Nic Crowther
Mon 16 Jan

The 2017 Australian Open starts today, and the on-court fashion is considered by many to be an essential part of the action.



The two big guns of tennis apparel - Nike and Adidas -  have taken very different approaches to the styles that will grace the world's best in Melbourne for the next two weeks. Nike has styles with strong linear patterns contrasted with hi-viz greens and orange. Meanwhile, Adidas has looked towards the colours of the Australian Open itself with subdued blue and oranges creating a softer look that (thankfully) leaves behind the glaring fluorescents of previous years.


It's also worth mentioning that the P² Invitational is fast approaching. Formerly the Maxim Invitational, the new firm is continuing the tradition of supporting local charities through Canberra's biggest corporate tennis day. 

The 2017 P² Invitational will support 2 charities: AFFIRM and Stella Bella Little Stars. Funds raised will be funding a program to identify potential youth suicide in schools through the AFFIRM charity and buying equipment to fit out the soon to be opened Stella Bella Little Stars childcare centre which will provide families of sick children with respite and allow the children to mix with the healthy kids in the centre. The fundraising target for 2017 is $100,000.
The celebrities for 2017 will be John Fitzgerald and Wally Masur. They are huge icons within the tennis world and it;s great to see they are able to participate and support the Invitational.



And now for the fashion...










Both companies are heavily promoting the players that will wear their ranges. For Nike, it's Federer and Kyrigos, Bouchard & Williams, while the European giant will be relying on Angelique Kerber and Wilfred Tsonga to put the clothing in front of fans.



You can bet that Adidas is regretting the snap retirement of Ana Ivanovic... which would have certainly sent panic through the marketing team!








Check out the Adidas and Nike websites to browse and buy online.