Facebook's New Model

The Shaker
Thu 21 May

What does Facebook mean for your business? Many Australian companies recognise the importance of maintaining a social media presence, and as such are putting Facebook at the top of their lists for this kind of marketing.

Of course, that’s not to say that Facebook is the be-all-and-end-all. Certainly not. However, as an important part of any examination of the relevant tools to promote a business, Facebook is becoming more and more important. It’s reach and flexibility is constantly growing.

However, with that comes the realisation that you can either pay, or pretty much be ignored by the Facebook servers. No matter how clever or on-message your marketing concept may be, there is little chance it’s going to be seen unless you throw Facebook some candy.

We’ve discussed the incredible success of Facebook for Business before, however that was just a fun look at the huge jump in revenue the service has enjoyed. What’s more difficult to manage is the fast pace of change for the Facebook algorithm, and the danger it poses for long-term strategies.

A few years ago, businesses would continually sweat over the dark arts of the Google algorithm, not knowing whether their presence on the first page of results might disappear overnight. These days, Facebook users are equally frightened, and that’s largely because Facebook is growing into it’s own version of the internet that loves to track everything you do and everyone you engage with.

For those that came in late, Newsfeed is just the start. Most high-end users of social media are likely to have four Facebook-owned apps on their mobile phone:

Facebook – Standard NewsFeed and Status Updates

Instagram – THE social media platform for photos

Messenger – Forcibly extricated from the original Facebook App

What’s App – Instant messaging via mobile phones and data allowances

Source: The Guardian