Eleven James - the luxury watch subscription service

Nic Crowther
Tue 17 Jan

James Bond wouldn’t be caught without it, and Roger Federer is paid a fortune to flaunt his. It’s a watch and, for all the gentlemen out there, this is probably the only piece of jewellery that you should wear.

The only problem is cost. A decent wristwatch starts at $1000 and only gets more expensive from there. That’s okay – because, unlike a piece of tech such as the Apple Watch, an anologue timepiece is a statement of quality and sophistication, and will carry you throughout life.



To solve the problem of cost, US company Eleven James has come up with a subscription service to ensure you always have a beautiful timepiece adorning your wrist.



Available across several price points (the entry level is USD 149/month) and provides access to a stunning library of designs and styles. Watches range in value up to USD 100,000 for those who have access to the top tier membership of USD 999.00/month.



For those that already have a significant collection of watches, Eleven James also offers a service to earn money by adding your timepieces to their catalogue. Rather than simply sitting in the drawer, your watches are out there in the wild and earning you income. In case of loss or theft, the watch is insured to a mutually-agreed value.

Who knows who might be wearing it?



The ladies haven’t been forgotten, with an exclusive range available with elegant pieces from Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex.



The company seems to be doing well, having just received USD 13 million in its latest funding round. Although, this might be only enough to simply top up their range of watches, especially given the price range of some of the timepieces available to members.

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