Dream homes: 432 Park Avenue, Manhattan

Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Co Editor
The Shaker

Wanna see what a $130 million apartment looks like?

Well, it’s the penthouse at 432 Park Avenue. A mere two blocks from where Donald Trump is cobbling together his cabinet, you can reside in what the developers are describing as “something that will join the pantheon of legendary 20th-century structures like the Chrysler, the Empire State and the Woolworth Buildings.”



Bold claims, but the development does have some unique features. At 435m high, it’s the “highest residential tower in the western hemisphere” (whatever that means) and makes it almost 50% taller than Melbourne’s Eureka Tower.



Many of the apartments take up an entire floor with approximately 300sqm of space. The lowest exclusive floors sold for around $25 million, and, naturally, the higher you go the more expensive they become.



Another key feature is the giant square windows. Measuring 3.0m x 3.0m, they allow the light to flood in and create a feeling of airiness that is matched by the 4.0m high ceilings. Lovely.



This penthouse has already been sold. However, one wonders if, like so many other exclusive properties across the globe, that the apartment will ever host residents. Perhaps they could rent it out? A two-bedroom apartment at 432 Park Avenue (purchased for a measly $10 million) was recently leased for around $40,000 per month.