Creating and fostering leaders for the future

Thu 03 Aug

Technology is changing the way we work at a rapid pace. Smartphones, cloud computing and other advances mean we are more connected and accessible than ever. And the rise artificial intelligence means we can respond to our customers quicker than ever, even when we are asleep.

With these advances, the modern workplace is flexible, yet fast. We are promised work–life balance, yet we are switched on longer and distracted at every sight of a pop-up message. Are we productive? Or fooling ourselves about our ability to multi-task—thinking we can achieve more, but in reality, failing to achieve much.

In the age of technology and information overload, management and leadership is key. No longer are these skills and behaviours reserved for only the most senior, every employee must play their part and help lead the success of their organisation.

But how do we engage every staff member in their need to be leader? Well, good leadership is the answer, and training and development—both professional and personal. 

Good leaders foster leadership in those around them and put an emphasis on development—a good investment in future success.

On 15 August, I am speaking at the Australian Computer Society’s annual Canberra conference. In a profession that is evolving quicker than any other, it’s exciting to be able to talk about the necessities of leadership in a future where artificial intelligence will influence decision making and robots will overtake some of our current careers. While some fear exists around the fact that ‘robots will take our jobs’, the truth is human leadership will become increasingly important in the new jobs that will be created to guide and manage artificial intelligence.

It’s an exciting time.

As leadership become a necessary skill, productivity and real flexibility can increase and the culture of burn out and overwhelm that is currently rife in our workplaces can decrease—an exciting prospect of the future of work. 

In the same week as the ACS Conference, here at Wisdom Learning, we will take our ninth intake for our Diploma of Management and Leadership, a key foundation of our award-winning registered training organisation. I encourage you to think if anyone in your team, or even yourself, could benefit from this Diploma, and the skills and behaviours it can help you achieve to navigate the future of work and be successful in your and your organisation's pursuits.

Be excited by the future and succeed through leadership.



By Rod Hattch 

CEO of Wisdom Learning