Is this the cheapest way to invest in the Bondi property market?

Thursday 3 November 2016
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Co Editor
The Shaker

It’s harder to think of a hotter spot to invest in property than Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. Thanks to the innovative investment firm, BrickX, Australians can now invest in a property at iconic Bondi Beach for less than $100.00. According to the company, the apartment, on Ramsgate Avenue, epitomises the Bondi Beach lifestyle famous around the world.



BrickX CEO Anthony Millet said the revolutionary Fintech is pleased to have secured a property of this nature.

“Coming into summer, we expect the rental demand for this property to be strong, and in the current Sydney housing market, there have been few opportunities for investors to be able to get investment exposure to such an iconic suburb,” Mr Millet said.



“Bondi is synonymous with the Australian way of life and we couldn’t be happier to open this investment opportunity to all Australians. Investors can access the Bondi property market for just $96.”

“Bondi Beach has had strong capital growth over the last five years and like the rest of our properties, has been selected on a results-driven mandate,” Mr Millet added.



“BrickX may suit anyone who feels frustrated at being locked out of the housing market including younger people saving for their first home or investors keen to expand their existing portfolio in a more affordable, accessible and diversified way.”



It’s a confident spiel – but one that we’d struggle to poke holes in. The ability to provide investors with a low barrier to entry is an exciting idea, and certainly the bricks-and-mortar style of investment is suitable for new entrants who prefer the idea of stashing their money in something tangible.