Bush-capital turn urban metro

Friday 20 May 2016
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Deputy Editor
The Shaker

For years Canberra has been known as the bush capital – and for great reason. With limited high-rise buildings, backyards of plenty and such urban sprawl that you can’t rely on public transport, Canberra has for years fallen short of the basic city criteria.

However, with a number of high-rise residential, multi-purpose buildings and park and ride stations becoming the norm in many of the outer suburbs, things are turning around.

To keep you abreast of the biggest and best developments shaping Canberra’s future – here’s the major four to look out for.


Aikman Drive, Belconnen

Situated opposite the new Linq apartments in Belconnen is the big, bold and beautiful Wayfarer building. At 27 floors, this building sets the bar for the skyline of Belconnen and much of the capital. Designed by Cox Architecture and developed by GEOCON, the structure is said to be a local landmark.

“Wayfarer represents a new way of living in Canberra,” Cox Architecture Associate Ronan Moss says.

“For so long Canberrans have been obsessed with living below the canopy and in the tree line. With Wayfarer, we have designed a building that changes that. Wayfarer, for me, evokes a certain way of living that we haven’t experienced yet.”

Infinity Towers

Gribble Street, Gungahlin


A first-of-a-kind development for the Gungahlin area, Infinity Towers comprises of one, two and three-bedrooms, and are set to be one of Canberra’s highest residential structures. When construction is finished only the Telstra Tower will stand above the towers on the Canberra skyline.

New residents of the towers will enjoy five-star living and resort style amenities unlike anything else in Gungahlin.


North Lonsdale Street, Braddon


Transferring the bustling hipster hub of Canberra in to an urban fabric of expression are both NiBu and Palko, currently under construction in Lonsdale Street, Braddon. Designed by Nathan Gibson Judd Architect, the building combines residential, retail and office space. These multi-residential structures are changing Lonsdale Street as we know it.


No longer will hipster and vegan cafés stand alone. In their place Palko will transform the living environment of the Braddon precinct.


The Archer

Wentworth Avenue, Griffith

Canberra is slowly becoming an oasis for the modern professional and power couple. This is perfectly exemplified by the extravagant development of The Archer in Griffith designed by Stewart Architecture.

Once a family-friendly suburb, Griffith looks toward populating with young professionals and investors. The Archer aims to offer apartment living in the heart of Canberra’s inner south with sweeping city views, spacious outdoor living areas and lavish interiors.