Building the Case for Change.

Ramesha Perera
Wed 07 Nov

So you want to be innovative, agile, efficient and all those other buzz words. You know you need to change but you don’t know how. Meet Sonja Kresojevic, a passionate innovation strategist who understands what it takes to bring lean and agile principles into large enterprise organizations.  


Check out her top 3 tips from Innov8rs Atlanta on the changing process.  


Start with alignment – What is the problem you’re trying to solve? 

This starts with the WHY – What is your vision? What is your purpose and how will you measure your progress towards that purpose? Metrics are important. This is how you build continuous loops of learning. Just start measuring everything. How do you measure alignment to your goals? Have a hypothesis to measure impact and use that data to inform when and where you’ll need to pivot along the way. 


Transformation is a journey – It’s not a linear path. 

Start with your business goals and then define the transformation goals to match. Develop good KPIs and review all of it continuously. It’s not something you can set up at the beginning and leave stagnant. 


Bring leadership on the journey 

It is crucial to have leadership along for the ride, so they can experience the process instead of expecting a linear plan. You need leadership asking what’s been learned and achieved instead of expecting hard project dates and deliverables by deadlines. Your innovation team needs to be able to easily present leadership with what’s been learned and where they’ve pivoted. 


… and bring everyone along 

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is doing innovation on the side and then bringing it to the troops late in the game. The net effect, from their perspective, it that the changes just suddenly happen to them. Bringing everyone on the journey ensures that people understand the “Why.” – They’re using the same language. They get to experience what’s in it for them at all levels and all points along the way. 


Finally: Make It Sustainable 

You can’t rely on individual change agents, heroes, or one person willing to work 80 hours a week to drag an entire organization into change. Start small and iterate based on data. There is only so much change an organization can absorb at one time. Invest in your people. Give them space to breathe, innovate, change, evolve, and transform – the organization needs to do that iteratively over time. 


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