Baking rewards the bold Gemma Stafford

Luke Keioskie
Tue 01 May

Quickly approaching 150 million views and more than 3 million followers, Gemma Stafford is on her way to becoming the face behind the world's largest online baking community.

Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking has been seen on The Today Show and The Doctors, as Gemma is the creator of the viral Mug Meals craze – which includes Mug Pizza, Mug Donuts, and even Mug Burritos. 

Gemma’s idea of bold baking is easy, step by step recipes with very little ingredients that can be made in any kitchen, no matter the baker's skill level.

Born in a small town in the South East of Ireland, Gemma grew up in a large family with four siblings, all of them helping their mom in the kitchen who seemed to always cook for their large family with joy and with ease.

Since she was six years old and making apple crumble with her mom, Gemma knew baking would be a passion for life. That drive took her to train as a professional chef, studying with legendary chef Darina Allen at the world-renowned Ballymaloe.

Stints in bakeries and Michelin star restaurants in Australia, Italy and the US, her love for creating her own dishes and recipes resulted in the creation of her own catering business.

Gemma and her husband co-created Bigger Bolder Baking and her massively successful YouTube channel to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching her trade and secrets with other bakers everywhere. 

Gemma has plans to expand her business into a line of "Mug Meal" products later this year.