Are these the best-dressed flight attendants in the world?

Nic Crowther
Thu 13 Jul

The battle to claim best-dressed flight attendants is a fierce one (Hello, Singapore Airlines), but the 2017 title may have been captured by little-known carrier, Hainan Airlines.


Hainan Airlines' previous uniform from 2010


Sure, their old version was nice enough, but in a move to rebrand the company as a serious international player, the talents of Chinese designer Laurence Xu have been brought in to add a touch of glamour.



And boy, has he done an amazing job.



There is a superb balance in Xu’s creation: east meets west, tradition meets modernity, and style meets functionality. Perfect.



For the women, there are plenty of references to the classic Chinese ‘cheongsam’ dress, as well as artistic traditions such as cloud paintings and the mythical flying creature, the ‘Roc’.



For the men, the blue-grey tones are matched with elegant double-breasted jackets and high-buttoned collars. The airline chose Paris Couture Week to launch the look – one that could easily grace the cover of Vogue magazine.

[Hainan Airlines]