5 booking tips to get you flying high!

Ramesha Perera
Fri 05 Jul

Flying is an inevitable fact of buisess but it doesn't have to cost the earth everytime you fly. Here are our tips on finding cheap flights online. 


Search In "Incognito" Mode

Each flight search engine (and non-travel websites) uses a tracking tool. While this can be convenient when you check back on a daily basis to monitor ticket prices, it might mean you will not see the lowest price unless you book the first time you buy a ticket.

By browsing in a private browser session, you may find a lower price because the website can't use tracking cookies to determine your previous browsing history.


Compare Prices on More Than One Site

You need to use more than one flight search engine for every flight search. Two of my favorites are Google Flights and Momondo. They are both extremely to use and consistently find some of the lowest prices. Google Flights will comb through the listings directly from the airline websites, although they will also list the prices of a few third-party booking sites as well.

Momondo primarily compares the prices of third-party booking sites, including some international ones you have probably never heard of before, to find the lowest price! Even though many airlines require you to book directly through their website to score the best deal (as they keep the best prices for themselves), these two search engines can help you find the best flight options as they access the metadata from each carrier so you can save time as well.


Have Flexible Travel Dates

Tickets prices can fluctuate widely based on which days of the week you travel. If you can be flexible, flying on Wednesday instead of a Friday or the day before a major holiday can save you a tonn of money. Most airline websites and flight search engines provide a flexible date calendar that makes it easy to quickly compare ticket prices. As a general observation, third-party sites usually do a better job at providing flexible date pricing.


Use Award Miles 

Travel rewards cards let you earn points every time you spend, so why not redeem your purchase reward points through their respective credit card travel portal? But make sure to compare the actual cash value of the ticket to make sure you are getting a good deal. Even if you can only buy one ticket with your miles, that can still be a savings of a few hundred dollars.


Use a Budget Airline

 Instead of the larger domestic carrier to fly you around try a budget airline like Tiger Airways or Jetstar to save you some money.