3 Tricks to Crush Your Public Speaking Gig

Ramesha Perera
Fri 19 Jul

Public speaking is a common phobia for many professionals—even for some of the most experienced presenters. Simply hearing the word “presentation” may trigger panic in some individuals, often without a thorough understanding of the fear itself.

Don't worry the members of Young Entrepreneur Council have your back with these top tips! 


1. Know What You Are Talking About

There is no better way to exude confidence when speaking than to make sure you are 100% knowledgeable and confident about whatever it is you might be speaking about. For most of us, we eat, sleep and breathe entrepreneurship; so many of us would be excellent speakers on this topic (while also being able to relate with others in the room). Know your audience, what they are interested in and how to deliver it to them in a way that’s fun and exciting, and you will have no problems during your next speaking experience. - Zac Johnson, Blogger


2. Try Ocean Breathing

This is an effective breathing technique that can clear your mind of any unwanted feelings or emotions. It’s great for relieving any anxiety before a major speaking event, but it can also be useful for calming down if you’re angry or on the verge of tears. You start by taking a deep breath in, expanding your stomach to hold as much oxygen as possible. Then, move the air up your body, visualising it moving past your lungs and into your head. Once you’re holding all the oxygen in your head, forcefully exhale with your mouth closed. You should make a noise that sounds similar to crashing waves (which is why this technique is called “ocean breathing”). Do this a few more times and you should have no problem with your pitch or presentation. - Bryce Welker, CPA Exam Guy


3. Get There Early To Meet Your Audience

Instead of presenting to a room full of strangers, take some time before the presentation to do a little meet and greet with your audience. Chatting with your audience beforehand will help you feel more comfortable and help you appear more approachable and personable, too. You can introduce yourself, engage in small talk and ask questions of your audience. Doing this can also help you read the room and maybe even work some of what your audience says into your presentation. - John Turner, SeedProd LLC

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