Successful Business Analysis in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

84 Northbourne Avenue Canberra
Wednesday 12 June 2019
17:00pm - 19:00pm

Presentation Summary: Successful Business Analysis in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

With the advancements in the field of AI, successful Business Analysts (BAs) of the future will have to heavily adapt their skillset to effectively exploit the strengths, and complement the weaknesses, of such systems.

This talk examines the future of the role of Business Analyst in an AI-driven world. It closely analysis the need of having BAs, and the value they will bring to businesses by exploring the nature, strengths and functionalities distinctive to both AI systems and BAs. The talk then delves into the traits that are/will be essential for the future BA in order for them to make the most out of AI systems.

Speaker Biography: Dr Tasneem MemonProfile Image - Tasneem Memon

Dr Tasneem Memon looks forward to an AI-enabled future that is unbiased and human-centric, and she is working towards creating that future. Building on the foundations of computer science, cognitive science and psychology, she has developed a way to neutralize biases (including sexism, racism and ageism) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems, to produce non-discriminatory results and decisions.

Tasneem is a very vocal advocate of inspiring females into STEM from a young age, and has started a movement to help create a more supportive culture for girls/women in STEM through behaviour-modification of both female and male students on the potential of females in STEM. She is also an avid public speaker on Biased AI and the future of human-machine interfacing. She has given talks at highly prestigious venues including TEDx Canberra.


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