Mill House Catalyse

Canberra Innovation Network 1 Moore Street #5
Thursday 23 May 2019
12:00pm - 15:30pm
From $100

Mill House Catalyse are 1/2 day introductions to social enterprise and social entrepreneurship and an opportunity to learn more about the programs of Mill House. The event will include a 'speed networking' session with our staff and mentors who are social impact investors, business and finance experts. Participants will have the opportunity to share information about their current or proposed social ventures receive useful and constructive feedback and suggestions on what's next.

TO APPLY TO ANY MILL HOUSE VENTURE PROGRAM-- GRIST or REFINE, we highly recommend your participation in a Catalyse session.

Registrations for Mill House Catalyse are per venture (up to 2 individual attendees).

Event Bursaries for all Mill House events are available for entrepreneurs on low incomes. Contact us for the relevant discount codes.

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