Isobar Canberra Open Forum: Creating an Experimentation culture

Isobar Canberra (Dentsu Aegis), Level 5, 14 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601
Wednesday 27 June 2018
17:00pm - 18:30pm

The rise of big data, coupled with digital capability, has transformed the insights brands can gather about their customers. But, how do organisations decide how to act on these insights? How do they apply rigour and use evidence in the decision-making process to ensure good ideas are explored, optimised and implemented, meanwhile reducing time and money spent on poor ideas?

Join Dave Calleja, Associate Design Director - Experimentation at Isobar Australia as we explore practical information and advice based on real case studies about why and how experimentation should be part of your organisation’s standard operating procedure. Dave will lead an insightful session to demonstrate how developing both the capability to experiment - with a focus on optimising the experience and improving conversion rates - and a culture that embraces experimentation, can benefit both your organisation and your entire customer experience.

The event will conclude with a live Q&A with Dave, our industry expert.

Spaces are strictly limited so please reserve your seat today.

About the speaker:

With more than 10 years experience in digital and User Experience Design, Dave Calleja has a vast understanding of how to build design experimentation capabilities for a range of industries and teams.

From small teams, to enterprise and federal government projects and campaigns, Dave has worked across multiple industries including automotive, tourism, medical and public policy.

Most recently at Isobar, Dave has lead the delivery of experimentation design capability across multiple agile teams concurrently to ensure consistency of delivery and experience for one of Australia’s largest airlines.

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