CANBERRA - Social Media Strategy for Business

Date And Time Fri., 21 June 2019 9:00 am – 2:00 pm AEST Add to Calendar Location WOTSO Workspace Ground Floor 490 Northbourne Avenue Dickson
Friday 21 June 2019
09:00am - 14:00pm
From $297

Whether you’re currently participating in social media for personal or professional reasons, if you want to have a cracking 2019 in business you need to be doing social media well! Come along to this full day workshop and gain an overview on each of the major social networks, improve your approach to developing content and images and walk away with an actionable social media strategy.

This workshop is hands on and interactive so bring a laptop (not a tablet) to put what you learn into action there and then!


10 reasons why you should care about social media

What are the major social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube)? How many users do they each have? What kinds of users?

What about the other networks? Pinterest? Twitter? Snapchat? Google+? What are they? Should you be on them?

Defining your objectives – find out what tangible results it is possible to achieve on social networks and use these to define your own company’s objectives for using social media

Defining your target market – depending on your geographic location, and area of specialty, you may wish to target different segments of the market. Find out how this is possible on social media.

What is your brand voice – the way you ‘speak’ on social media may be different to your other communication channels. What will your voice be? What will you talk about? How will you stay interesting?

Structure - Profiles, pages, groups, likes, followers - what does it all mean and have you got the right structure to move forwards with? What to do if you have multiple pages or the wrong structure. How do you optimise the accounts you have got?

The social media success wheel – the 7 steps you should follow to get started and succeed on social media

Content creation - How to create and share content across social networks in minimum time and with maximum effect – banish writers block and come up with a string of great things to share on social media and learn about scheduling tools which allow you to post in advance, which can reduce your social media time investment down to just 30 minutes per week after set up

Post, manage and respond - Once you're established on social media, you need to schedule posts on a regular basis. So how often should you post? Should you post direct on the networks or via professional scheduling tools? What is the best time to post? How do you manage and respond to comments and direct messages - positive and negative resulting from your posts?

Analyse, report & improve - How do you measure results from social media and tie these back to your objectives? What should you use to analyse your results and how do you collate it into a report to share with your boss or team and improve from.

Participants will leave with a social media strategy to implement for their business or to refer to their support team or external agency to truly leverage Social Media for their organisation.


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