Wrap-up: the Mobile-ising Women in Business conference

Wednesday 1 March 2017
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For anyone in business, keeping track of ever-evolving technology can prove daunting. As part of a national tour by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Mobile-ising Women in Business Conference stopped in Canberra to discuss the challenges of this space and provide tools to develop solutions.

Clearly tech is an area with an engaged audience – almost 150 delegates packed into QT Canberra’s ballroom to be guided through as fascinating roster of speakers by emcee Angela Catterns.



Kicked off by Robyn Henry, CEO of the Canberra Business Chamber, the event was off to a cracking start. Ms Hendry has a very clear vision of the opportunities for Canberra business, and managed to link the Oscars, Triple J and singing in the car to a day that would be filled with the opportunity to break routine, meet new friends and, importantly, become inspired together.



Holly Ransom, CEO of Emergent was the first speaker. The inspiring and energetic entrepreneur has a fascinating world view that looks closely at what constitutes the current international demographic.

With over 50% of the population under the anger of 27, and a new level of interconnectivity that has brought the entire world to around 3.8 degrees of separation, a surge of young women into the workforce is a huge opportunity to become economic agents -  employers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

What will this picture look like in the next 10 or 20 years – especially as the very nature of work becomes redefined?



If that wasn’t enough to get the room thinking, Dr Fiona Kerr took to stage and blew our minds with a walk through of the brain and the way it responds to those around us. – particularly in a work environment.

Not only did Dr Kerr talk about the importance of dealing directly with colleagues to build trust and develop bonds that allow for greater collaboration, she even recommended having naps every day. What a shame for the first speaker after lunch!



After that there were fireside chats, great lessons from Google and a whole afternoon of insights that truly demonstrated the level of opportunity and support that is available for women looking to forge a path in business. The next step is to identify a passion and use these tools to make it happen!

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