Why escaping your corporate job is a good idea

Luke Keioskie
Mon 27 Aug

We all know that when we are employed in big companies, there is always someone there to tell us what to do. We have managers, a HR department someone to guide us and track performance. But these come at a cost: having to live in that corporate world.

For Paul Higgins, this was no longer possible. After an impressive 18-year career at Coca-Cola, his inherited health condition made his job untenable, both physically and emotionally. He decided he had no choice but to leave and realise his dream to work on his own terms. 

But the jump from employee to business owner can be lonely, resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions as Paul can attest.

He missed the access to the frameworks that big corporate provides: the brains trust; the access to reliable and trusted providers; the ideal systems and back-end support to ensure the business won’t fall over. And he saw an opportunity to help others in the same boat.

“When I left the corporate world to set up my own business I realised the only thing I missed about my old working life was having support systems in place,” Higgins says.

“I looked to find what and who I needed but it was hard. They weren’t in one place and it was so frustrating! So, I decided to create a community where the best brains and suppliers were in the same place - a virtual village of experts to help others raise their new business.”

The result is Build Live Give, an online one-stop resource for small businesses.

From direct coaching to hundreds of vetted and trusted suppliers, to a global forum of like-minded peers 24-hours a day, ready to bounce ideas and offer advice, allowing you to live your ideal lifestyle of personal freedom and financial independence. 

With 95 percent of small businesses failing in the first 5 years, it’s essential for start-ups to reach out for the right advice. 

“Often the solution is to find a mentor,” says Higgins.

“I know I needed one. Now, I have literally hundreds of like-minded professionals in the Build Live Give community - everything I had in the corporate world and more, minus the politics and b.s.

“I was living a double life before I left the corporate world,” Higgins says. “I was one person at work and another at home, and I liked the person at home a lot more, as did my wife and family. I now am my authentic self, what’s more I am making a living I enjoy and I feel secure and supported in doing so. 

“I know I couldn’t do this on my own, which is why I have created Build Live Give to help those brave enough to reclaim their lives and happiness too.”

For more information about the community, go to www.buildlivegive.com