Who rules the world? Girls do.

Monday 24 July 2017
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Co Editor
The Shaker

Women. We make up more than 51 per cent of the world’s population. We’re entrepreneurs, sisters, workers, bosses, mothers, friends, partners, artists and every other category you can imagine. Sometimes we’re none of those things, sometimes we’re all of them, and sometimes we sit outside of the categories.

This week we’re talking about the powerhouse of women in Canberra doing amazing things. There’s a veritable array of ridiculously talented women working in every field, producing amazing content and products.

From photographers to clothing designers, to departmental secretaries, to working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). We’re going to talk to women from all walks of life, and capture their journey, their story and what makes them so unique in business.

Recently the Australian Government has shone a light on the inequities for women in STEM and sought to promote a superstar group of thirty women doing ground breaking research in the area.

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel said the nation needed to build a culture that further encourages girls and women to enter and excel in STEM fields. “Australia is already a global leader in science. Imagine what we could achieve if women and men felt equally welcomed and appreciated in STEM professions,” Dr Finkel said.

We’re going to talk to a few of the superstars in STEM, learn from their journey and be inspired by their work.

It’s inevitable that when we talk about women in business we also have to talk about the glass ceiling. We’re due, we all stand on it? Many will deny it, others will attest to experience with it and others are simply frustrated by it. We’re going to open a discussion this week about it, to air some views, and create some dialogue.

And what about women who don’t help other women in their respective fields? The famous words, “There’s a special place in hell, for women who don’t help other women,” is often echoed.

In a recent Canberra Times article, Jane Halton, former department Secretary said she was wrong in believing there were no barriers for advancement, indicating that she remembered the exact moment when her head struck the glass ceiling.

This week we’ll explore some of those topics and also celebrate the amazing diversity and talent for women in business across Canberra.

Amongst our “superstar” interviewees are Lori Cicchini, extraordinary photographer and Biennale of Venezia category winner, as well as Kelli Donovan, founder and MD of Pure Pod, making leaps and bounds in the clothing and sustainability movement.

We’ll also talk to some of our young guns, like our very own Deputy Editor of the Shaker, Alex Dickens. What keeps them motivated? And what are their next moves?

Let’s open some discussions, and highlight some of the women who are doing outstanding things in Canberra.

Happy Monday!