When boardrooms and bedrooms collide

Wednesday 21 February 2018
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The Shaker

Couples who share the boardroom and a bedroom are finally being supported by an Australian-first institute that aims to keep the love alive between business and life partners.

The Institute for Couples in Business, launched by power duo Edward and Rebecca Plant, aims to help couples in business to earn more, work less and keep the spark ignited in a relationship.

Mrs Plant said with more and more life partners becoming business partners, it is essential they receive the support needed to make both the personal and business relationship thrive.

“There is something magical that happens when two people who love each other have this shared vision for both a family and a business,” said Mrs Plant.

“However, as a married couple that knows firsthand the demands of raising a family and juggling two businesses, we understand the challenges duos in business face together – there is this constant tug-of-war between the needs of the business and that of the marriage and family.

“With no smart strategies in place, that friction creates conflict and, if not addressed, can impact a business, family and relationship.”

The Institute for Couples in Business can help couples grow sustainable and profitable businesses while reclaiming time with their families and loved ones by offering resources and programs to help couples navigate the complexities of working together.

Mr Plant said couples in business have additional needs to typical business owners.

“We help couples in business to find joy in what they do, to have tough conversations, to communicate without fighting, to play out a shared vision and to juggle it all and still have balance of life in the bedroom,” said Mr Plant.

“It is about providing a support mechanism and a community where couples seek encouragement, learn to communicate, and surround themselves with people who know what they're going through.”

Mrs Plant said through her work with couples in business, and from her own personal experience, she has noticed many couples ignore spending quality time together as they are constantly in the business together.

“When you work alongside your partner for eight to 12 hours a day, it can be tough finding the motivation or time to lock in a date night,” said Mrs Plant.

“It is our belief that the way you relate to one another in the boardroom directly impacts what happens in the bedroom. If we can get that right, then it makes the rest of your life together easy.”

For more information about The Institute for Couples in Business click here.