What's on your desk? With Jimmy Ennett

Wed 07 Jun

Have you ever seen a sharp business director walk by while you’re sitting at the café waiting for your morning coffee and thought to yourself, is their world so different to mine? Do they order the same coffee? Do they follow my favourite bloggers? Does their desk have the same things on it as mine?

I have found myself pondering over these thoughts while clutching my triple shot skim flat white on the odd cold Canberra morning. This curiosity led to me approaching the Founder and Creative Director of Canberra video production agency Crux Media, Jimmy Ennett, to have a sneak peek at the organised chaos in his workspace.



“As you can see by my desk, I'm a nearly-30-year-old teenager/filmmaker,” says Jimmy. 

“To help me get through some long edits I need a coffee nearby and headphones to play the soothing sounds of Tame Impala, Aurora and podcasts about murder.

“I have a little Heisenberg toy from Breaking Bad - just to remind me to be true to who I am, even if that means being a psychopathic meth cook.

“The name plaque was a gift from my friend and fellow Cruxer, Sam Tremayne, which not only shows my self-appointed position, but also a compliment about my debating skills.

“Everything else is boring work stuff, like a dirty keyboard, 20TB storage and any excuse to put a Crux sticker on stuff, to keep the theme consistent.”


If you haven’t heard about Crux Media, they are a great group of guys with a whole heap of talent. 

Specialising in video production spanning across several categories including advertising, music, corporate, documentary and short film, Jimmy and his team have surely made a name for themselves in the world of video.


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