What's your big idea for Canberra?

Monday 26 February 2018
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The Shaker

Do you have an idea that would be great for Canberra?

The City Renewal Authority is offering funding of up to $80,000 to eligible organisations, groups and individuals, to support place-making projects in Canberra’s city centre.   Funded projects could include events and activations; arts activities; short-term installations; marketing and promotion; and research and development.

The City Grants encourage creativity, innovation and diversity. A year-long curated program of activity across the city centre will be developed, supporting and driving economic activity for businesses.

City Grants is funded by the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy (CCMIL), a fee paid by property owners in the city centre. As a result, all projects funded through the program must occur within the CCMIL area.

The grants are open for applications and close on 14 March 2018.  Applications for activities taking place up until 30 April 2018 close on 28 February 2018. For more details click here.