What will you be wearing to bed this winter?

Nic Crowther
Tue 09 Jun

Have you been feeling cold at night? If you’re female, there’s a very good chance you ran out and purchased yourself some new protection against freezing nights.  If you’re a bloke, then you’ve probably just dragged out last year’s flannelette PJs and chucked on a pair of socks.



Roy Morgan has all the data on our spending habits when it comes to sleepwear at winter. While on average almost a million people spend money on sleepwear during any four week period across the year, things change dramatically during June and July for half the population. Purchases of women’s sleepwear spikes dramatically, with almost half a million extra people making purchases to prepare for the colder season.

Angel Smith, Group Account Director at Roy Morgan Research sums it up nicely:

 “Our long-term retail data reveals a distinct seasonal trend when it comes to buying women’s sleepwear, with shopper incidence rising as the temperatures start to fall. Over the last five years without fail, the May-July period has seen an increased proportion of Australians heading to the shops to buy women’s sleepwear.

“In contrast, sales of men’s sleepwear do not appear to be driven by seasonal changes. In fact, a much lower proportion of consumers purchase male sleepwear in general, suggesting that men are not so concerned about updating their pyjamas, only replacing them when they’re threadbare. That’s if they even wear pyjamas to begin with, of course: many men sleep in t-shirts and boxer shorts (or their birthday suit, for that matter!).

So, there you go! What are you spending money on this winter? A new set from Peter Alexander, or just a another pair of Holeproof Explorers?