Western Sydney councils light years and $1 M ahead

Mon 25 May

Nine Western Sydney municipal councils are expected to share cost savings totaling over $1 million a year, under a $7.8 million energy efficient street lighting project launched by Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry and Science Karen Andrews today.

The project replaces approximately 13,000 street lights with energy efficient lights and has been supported by a $5.2 million Australian Government grant.

“Taking advantage of new technology for energy efficient street lighting is about taking a step into a more sustainable energy future for Western Sydney,” Mrs Andrews said. “There’s no better time to do this given that energy costs are a major issue for many Australian organisations, businesses and households—and a priority area for the Australian Government’s energy reform agenda.”

Mrs Andrews said the project was designed to help reduce cost pressures on the Western Sydney councils which were coping with population growth rates among Australia’s highest in recent years.

The new energy efficient lights are expected to result in savings of $21 million and cut carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 70,000 tonnes over 20 years. “These savings are over and above those already being delivered to councils, businesses and householders as a result of the abolition of the carbon tax.”

“I congratulate the nine councils, Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, The Hills Shire, Holroyd, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith on taking the initiative to cut their costs because not only do these technologies reduce emissions, but they have much longer life cycles and are relatively low maintenance,” Mrs Andrews said. “I am aware that other communities within Greater Sydney are also benefiting from similar projects using over $15 million in funding from Government energy efficiency programmes.”