This week in The Shaker: unique and unconventional businesses

Yellow umbrella amongst a sea of black
Lisa Portolan
Sun 06 Oct

This week in The Shaker we’re showcasing unique and unconventional businesses that went from zero to hero. Too often in the business and entrepreneurial world we think that business ideas have to be of the tech start-up variety. After all those are the success stories that we often here about. The “unicorns” that we all aspire to own and ideate. Alongside those ideas are a whole heap of other unique and unconventional businesses which are rarely surfaced or showcased. 

When Forbes positioned Kylie Jenner on the cover of their publication as the youngest self-made millionaire – there was a public outcry. “Self-made”? The keyboard warriors questioned. “How exactly is she self-made, when her family is one of the richest and most powerful in the world. Was her success self-made or the bi-product of being part of a wealthy and influential family?” 

Whether you believe either side of that rhetoric, the part which is of interest, is that Jenner’s product is unique – starting a make-up line in an incredibly crowded market might have been perceived as a foolhardy one, and yet her products continue to make inroads upon each release. Alongside her, sister Kim (the original Kardashian) has recently released a shape-wear line which is likewise sold-out. Unconventional to say the least. Surrounded by size 0 women Kim Kardashian has somehow made shapewear sexy and cool again. 

So much so that shortly we might see women simply donning shape-wear as their external outfit, as opposed to as their undergarments. 

This year Jenner didn’t make the Forbes list, but that’s because the average millionaire figure is now at $7.4 as opposed to a measly $1+. However, the Jenner / Kardashian phenomenon makes you wonder, what makes business ideas unique? What types of unconventional businesses are out there killing it, which never get showcased, and what can we learn from them? 

This week in The Shaker we’re welcoming three new contributors, Sharon Schmidt, owner and founder of Intuitive Souls Retreat, Indiana Holley, medical researcher and behavioural specialist, and owner and founder of Three Feathers, and Barbara Wilson, gym instructor and fitness guru. Schmidt will be telling us about her unconventional path to founding Intuitive Souls Retreat, Holley about getting your business-freak on, and Wilson how to keep motivated and on track. 

Alongside this we will be examining all types of unique businesses, from a tattoo-feathering eyebrow parlour in Sydney to a Vegan delivery service. We will also be looking at inspiration for coming up with your own unique idea, and how you can drive them forward, and remain focussed on the journey. We’ll be getting ten top tips from entrepreneurs like Jordan P. Martin and arming you with the right tools to think outside of the box and keep moving. 

Happy Monday entrepreneurs, this week is about finding your weird mojo and applying it to business.