This week in The Shaker

Woman with futuristic screen
Lisa Portolan
Sun 10 Nov

This week in The Shaker we’re talking about gamification and how it can help your business. For many people with a small business it might be the furthest idea from their consciousness. There’s staff to wrangle, books to keep, day-to-day hands on work, and a whole heap of other unpredictables. Gamification seems like a fancy concept which might be best suited to a tech start-up or app-design company. We’re all about bringing you new ideas and new ways of integrating tools which can assist you with your success, that’s why we thought we would focus on gamification and how it applies to you. 

What could it potentially bring to your business in its simplest format? 

So, let’s go back to the basics. What is gamification exactly? It’s a way to incorporate game mechanics into something that already exists to drive participation, engagement and loyalty. This could be anything: from your website, to social media, to day-to-day operations, customer engagement and even staff engagement. In its simplest format gamification applies game elements into every day functions to make them more fun. And don’t we all need more of that? Imagine if work wasn’t defined by those four little letters, imagine if there were ways to make it more appealing, zesty, fresh? This week we’re going to highlight a series of companies that do exactly that: incorporate gamification. 

We’re also going to talk about digital and social media. Are these the assets you should be most focussed on? Are they your first entre to the public? If so, what are the key things you need to do to keep them up-to-date, on brand and communicating the right information? 

Alongside this, we’ll be releasing two new podcasts from Intuitive Souls founder Sharon Schmidt, and communications guru (founder and MD of Specialist Communications), Sheena Ireland. Sheena has just been named Business mentor of the year by Canberra Women in Business, take a listen to her top tips on mentoring, getting ahead, and how career transitions actually happened. 

Don’t feel stuck anymore, feel empowered to shape your career. 

We’ll also be releasing details to our end of year networking event. At The Shaker, we’re all about bringing together government, researchers, industry and corporations, to talk, connect, cross-pollinate ideas and collaborate. In December we’ll be hosting an end of year networking event, sponsored by The Mark Agency – and you’re invited. Our keynote speaker will be Nils Vesk, published author and futurist. Vesk writes for a raft of different heavy hitting publications and speaks on future trends and how you can integrate them and the futurist mindset into your business. We’ll be posting details later on this week – but get in fast because tickets are set to sell out fast. 

Welcome to another week of business and enterprise. We hear there are only seven weeks left of 2019, don’t waste any more time. Make these last seven your best.