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Lisa Portolan
Sun 27 Oct
This is a big week for The Shaker. We've been adding more and more channels to our mix. Our podcast series kicked off last week, with Chalfont Consulting Exec Rob Way talking to us about everything from imposter syndrome, through to business management and philosophers like the Stoics. This week we have another epic podcast coming up with the fabulous Jordan P. Martin. Former model turned entrepreneur, we chat to Jordan about the hustle, her new business Models 101, resilience and juggling it all. We're also holding the first in our event series, Conflux.
Conflux is a series of events hosted by The Shaker which seeks to bring entrepreneurs, industry, researchers and business-people together. We want to collaborate, combine, integrate and ideate. Our first event is all about the need to bring communications and digital closer together, and is scheduled for Tuesday 30th October. Our line-up is stellar: Olympic Gold Medallist and EY consultant Kim Brennan will be our keynote, she will be talking about how to pivot and change to achieve success. Other speakers include: IC Global's Rebecca Hinton (the CSIRO), Tristan Maddigan (founder of Nectir), Sheena Ireland, communications expert (who will be hosting a panel discussion, and myself! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, please secure them ASAP as they are selling fast via Eventbrite. 
We're conscious that not everyone consumes their media by reading it - so we're giving you a lot of options. Podcasts are really hitting their stride - please let us know if you're enjoying our new series and who you would like to hear more from. 
We're also talking about going "woke or going broke". Increasingly big industry and corporates have become more interested in the values that underpin their organisation. Diversity and inclusion has become a core facet of any harmonious business. Alongside this the burgeoning #metoo movement is going from strength to strength. Organisations are being asked to exemplify “woke” values internally not only to retain and attract talent, but also to drive positive agendas, leveraging their platforms to drive important issues. 

Earlier on in the year Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ ad sparked a wave of media which declared, “Go woke, and go broke”, after Gillette suffered major consumer backlash and its worst quarter in twenty years. The wave of Twitter negativity saw comments like, “When did razors have to go to political?” and “Way to irreparably damage a brand in 120 seconds.” Commentators have discussed the why around this negative backlash, concluding that it may have been too early for such a powerful statement and that Gillette might have been out of synch with their consumers. 

Despite the Gillette backlash, this is certainly a trend which corporate, commercial and government clients will need to focus on in 2020, as audiences around the world demand more from their brands, urging them to express values which underpin a modern and progressive society. 

We'll be bringing you some opinion pieces on how to remain authentic and true to your values in an increasingly crowded spaces. 

Get ready entrepreneurs for another epic week. The motto? Don't hold back.