Watch out Uber: New kid on the ridesharing block

Luke Keioskie
Tue 27 Mar

Ola, an Indian ridesharing platform set to take on Uber, is now officially operating in Australia.

Taking a refreshing approach to ridesharing, Ola’s focus is on investing in driver-partners and supporting them with new technology, training and ways to increase earnings.

Since launch in Perth, the service has received a strong response from driver-partners with more than 7000 registrations. By enabling driver-partners to provide the best experience possible, Ola believes customers in turn will have a high-quality journey at an affordable price.

Ola head of international vice president Chandra Nath said with the March launch in Sydney, the ridesharer has officially started operating on the east coast.

“We’ve been very pleased with how the service has been received by customers, driver-partners and the community in Perth, and can’t wait to continue building on these experiences and learnings in Sydney,” Mr Nath said.

Ola will continue to roll out of a number of new initiatives for both customers and driver-partners, such as new promotions, clear ways to share feedback and a higher-quality ride for customers, and for driver-partners nearnings programs, community town-halls, fuel offers and other vehicle services - alongside 24/7 partner support.

Driver-partners can learn more about driving and registering with Ola here.