VR is coming. What could it mean for your company?

Nic Crowther
Fri 29 Jul

Have you been boggled by the amount of people walking around collecting Pokémon? Welcome to the brave new world of Augmented Reality (AR) and its big brother, Virtual Reality (VR).



The technology for both has been around for decades, however with increasingly powerful processors occupying increasingly smaller packages, the technology is now more accessible than ever. Pokémon Go may just have been the catalyst that shows us all the potential of the phone in their pocket.



On Thursday, CBR Innovation played host to global marketing company, Isobar, as well as representatives from HTC to demonstrate how the VR experience has developed. The effect is stunning, and there is a whole new world of possibilities opening up for brands to communicate the benefits of their products to new customers in a highly immersive way.



For those that haven’t tried VR, there is truly nothing that prepares you for what happens. We can’t possibly do it justice here, but for a brilliant example of VR from an emotional point of view, just have a look at the expression on the face of the guy at 46 second mark in the video below.



The HTC Vive brings the highest-quality VR experience that is currently commercially available. However, it is important to recognise that at this point, there are effectively two kinds of VR: One involves high-quality video filmed in 360 degrees from a fixed point of view, while the other delivers on digitally rendered environments that the user can easily move through.



Once these experiences converge, the technology will be truly mature - and our ability to escape to any other world (be it real or made-up) will be instantly available.

The only problem left to sole will be the social issue. How will be interact? Will our lives be a succession of people wearing visors? What does this mean for our relationships?



What we saw at CBR Innovation pointed towards an incredible future. Our challenge will be to develop a social code as quickly as we develop the technology. 

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