Unhappy mum? Start your own business

Friday 3 November 2017
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The Shaker

Women with children, who are unhappy in their jobs, should consider running their own business, with new research showing business mums are happier because of the change.

The Mums & Co Australian Mums in Business Report, the first in-depth report into the category, reveals that today’s mum in business shows the true-blue Aussie spirit of having a go and is reporting a greater sense of wellbeing, with four in five who believe they are a happier person as a result of starting their own business.

The report shines a light on Australia’s hidden workforce – the 300,000 plus business owner mothers who provide income for over half a million Australians. She can be an entrepreneur, running a family business or a self-employed consultant.

“Australian mums in business contribute significantly to our economy and it’s time she’s acknowledged and better supported,” said Carrie Kwan, co-founder of Mums & Co. 

“Her numbers are set to rise as women face increasing childcare costs, workplace inflexibility, unequal pay and at the same time, the gig economy is growing and technology makes it easier than ever before to launch a business. They now want to take back control of what’s important to them. Almost half started their own business as working for someone else was not viable.

“While most mums experience a sense of ‘mummy guilt’, interestingly the majority of business mums do not agree that they feel guilty that they have less time to spend with their children. In fact, an overwhelming 87 percent believe they are setting a good example for their kids.”

The report reveals that almost half believe being a mum has acted as a barrier to their business success and 50 per cent found starting a business challenging.