UberEats launches in the National Capital

Wednesday 19 July 2017
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Co Editor
The Shaker

Out of the blue, UberEats has dropped in Canberra. You’ll need to download the app (App Store Google Play) to order, as it operates outside of the usual Uber app.

This morning’s surprise launch features 70 restaurants (largely between the Inner North, Inner South and the City) which will be in direct competition to Deliveroo.



So, what’s the difference? Well, Uber has some pretty established brand loyalty after two years in the market. The biggest difference is the fact that UberEats is currently largely delivered by car, whereas Deliveroo has contractors on more efficient and zippy two-wheeled transport.

What this means in a sprawling city such as Canberra remains to be seen. For UberEats drivers, it’s an interesting proposition. Passengers are not allowed in the car, so there is a significant investment of resources to bring the food from the kitchen to the client.



Still, there is no doubt the model has been working successfully in other markets, much more so than other projects, such as the courier service, UberRush, which has struggled to gain momentum.

Apart from that, the same ‘restaurant-food-in-your-trackie-dacks’ philosophy exists.