Tripadvisor's list of favourite global restaurants

Thursday 10 December 2015
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The Shaker

The people have spoken.

Tripadvisor has released a list of the Top 25 Fine Dining Restaurants as determined by its users. Forget the critically-awarded San Pellegrino Awards and put aside the Michelin stars, this is a democratic vote where the final decision lies with the diners themselves.

Only one Australian restaurant made the grade – but we’ll get to that in a moment. Before that, it’s worth taking a quick tour of the world with the top five place-getters, and some of the reviews of those lucky enough to enjoy the experience.



1. Martin Berasategui
Lasarte, Spain (Spanish)

 “The best combinations of flavours we have ever experienced. The meal was culinary poetry.”



2. Europea
Montreal, Quebec (French)

 “A masterpiece. Four hours of food, wine, creative food presentation, great atmosphere and a dining experience we will always remember.



3. Maison Lameloise
Chagny, France (French)

 “The service is impeccable, the setting is lovely and the memory of the food will stay with you forever.



4. Adam's
Birmingham, United Kingdom (British)

 “As each dish was served, it became harder and harder to select our favourite. I'd gladly have each one again tonight.



5. Restaurant Sat Bains
Nottingham, United Kingdom (French)

A unique vision to maximise intensity of flavour, to create carefully balanced tasting menus, paired with unusual wines.


If that all seems a little ‘European’, however the top 20 includes offerings from China, Japan, Germany, Bali, New Zealand and the UAE. Nice!

Okay, so the best of Australia was the wonderful Vue de Monde. Shannon Bennett reigns supreme at the top of Australian dining, and continued to innovate. Long before food miles were a thing, and kitchen gardens became almost essential, Bennett was leading the way with a focus on sustainability that throughout his entire operation.

So, it’s probably time to put together your new gastronomic bucket list for 2016!