Tracking your customers - what new tech brings to client engagement

Nic Crowther
Tue 09 Jun

Plenty of people heading out for a big night are in the habit of uploading images to Instagram and Facebook, but what is in it for venues that supply the environment and the energy that customers love? How can they leverage their popularity in real time?

Social media start-up, Little Birdy, is using Australia’s favourite test market, Adelaide, to explore the potential for iBeacons to identify customers at a venue and organise their social snaps in real time. Through the use of the Little Birdy app and venues, it’s an interesting activity-specific way to unite venues with their dedicated customers.



Here are the key features, as stated by the app’s developers:

Key Features

  • Social Feed - users share photos and comments
  • Venues post offers, events
  • iBeacons show users currently at that venue - find the crowds, find your friends
  • Database of every venue in the city
  • User statistics available for venues with iBeacons
  • Free for users, free for venues to install
  • Currently available on iPhone - coming soon to Android

If you’ve got an iPhone, you may have already noticed the iBeacon notifications as you move through your favourite malls. If you’ve got your Bluetooth running, a logo occasionally appears on your lock screen as you pass an Apple Store.

Sure, retailers haven’t warmly embraced iBeacons, however concepts such as Little Birdy demonstrate the potential for this and similar technologies to provide much greater detail around how consumers engage with their venues, and provide prompts or  incentives for customers to enter stores when they may not have otherwise planned to do so.