TedXCanberra: How to keep your audience coming back!

The Shaker
Tue 05 Sep

Feedback is the most valuable professional development tool that event organisers can get. At TedXCanberra attendees love the innovative line-up of speakers so much that they come back time and time again. To find out why the event is so successful, we asked loyal TedxCanberra attendee Jessica Hawkes about her experience.

Please share with us how many live Ted events you’ve attended?

Three. All In. Empower. And the women’s event at the vibe. (Where I made two friends!!)

Which of those TedxCanberra events was your favourite and why?

They’re all good for their own reasons. I’ve been to three unique events. One with no participation. Two with workshops and one aimed at women.

What was your favourite thing about being an event?

Meeting people. Since moving to Canberra, I’ve found people very personable and approachable. TEDxCanberra is no different.

Who was the most interesting/memorable speaker or attendee that you were able to speak with at an event and why?

Brad Carron-Arthur was extremely personable after All In. I contacted him to discuss corporate talks for my office as I read his bio which stated he did this. We met for a beer and talked for hours. He was great to bounce ideas off of and I find his honesty refreshing.

I also met Brook Dixon at the Empower event. He introduced himself during one of the breaks and again he was someone I contacted outside the TEDxCanberra event to discuss all things public speaking.

I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop with Katrina Howard. Amazingly it was timed perfectly as I was preparing for a presentation I gave at work. I still often think of my key take away from her workshop.

What made this talk special or meaningful to you?

For me, having that human side gives me confidence about one day doing my own talk. I’m just not sure on what yet! It also reminded me that anyone can do it and that embracing your own personal style is key.

How do you feel after attending a TEDxCanberra event?

Usually inspired. I’m an out of the box thinker so I love to hear so many different stories and points of view. It gives me a sense of confidence and assurance about my life.

Who do you think TEDxCanberra events are for?

Anyone. Why pigeon hole it!? It’s hard not take something away from these talks. Even when I gave a presentation to my colleagues about the All In event, I inadvertently provided take away points for them. That’s special.

Finally, in three words can you describe the overall atmosphere at a live Ted event?

Friendly. Enjoyable. Resourceful

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Article by Danielle Tattam from http://tedxcanberra.org/discover/​