Taylors Lab to create AR art activation at Melbourne Fringe

Ramesha Perera
Tue 06 Aug

Taylors as part of its Taylors Lab has created and designed a ‘first of its kind’ cloud-based augmented reality platform. Accessing world-leading, geospatial technology Taylors presents AuraVista AR which takes augmented reality experiences mainstream.

Taylors has joined forces with Melbourne-based artist Richard Payne, to create an interactive art piece titled ‘Unity’ which can only be seen and experienced via AuraVista AR at Art Centre, Melbourne. Composer Probir Dutt has provided the audio-track, creating a soundscape that compliments and elevates the complete AR experience.

The public, pop-up art, draws on themes of a united community via a shared explorative journey. The fully immersive artwork uses technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Passers-by will be prompted via footpath decals to view the one-of-kind-AR experience.


“The launch of AuraVista AR is the result of three years of ideation and cultivation in proving that spatially triggered AR is possible...At Taylors we knew that our access to world-leading, geospatial technology could evolve to be shared with the broader community. We wanted to bring lasting, memorable AR experiences to life for all to see.

We’re proud that AuraVista AR will connect curious minds with creative endeavours that need not be exclusive to just our industry and clients,”  said Taylors Managing Director, Richard Cirillo


The first of a series of public art installations presented by AuraVista AR provides an opportunity for art-lovers and experience chasers to step into an AR world. The Richard Payne artwork transports the individual into a new realm; a neo-sensory, Blade Runner-esque, adventure that moves you past the limitations of what you can ordinarily see, to become a new physical and actual reality.

The artwork will be on display on the front lawn of the Art Centre, from the 12- 29th September as part of the Melbourne Fringe.

WHAT: AuraVista AR Launch via AR public art installation.
WHEN: Fringe Festival, on show from 12 – 29th September 2019
WHERE: Art Centre Melbourne (front lawn), Swanston Street.