Romance in the family. Interview with Stéphanie Pérèle

Mon 13 Feb

Products Division Director
Salon International de la Lingerie interview



What image do you want to convey with the A/W 17 collection?

By shaking ourselves free of the rules of Fashion, we are proposing a collection with 4 seasonal lines for winter 2017. From the most accessible to the most exclusive, also called the “Limited Edition”, we are decidedly committed to Fashion. This collection includes different products with a variety of fabrics, shapes and colours.



What are your future projects?

We have so many! Since the end of 2015 we have been working on the brand’s platform and asking ourselves fundamental questions such as: why does Simone Pérèle exist?

What is the difference that we contribute to the market? The result is the creation of a communication platform: a new image, unexpected visuals (in shops from June 2017). We want this campaign to correspond to our DNA, and be out of sync with traditional lingerie rules. Our aim is to make this campaign an event that demonstrates that Simon Pérèle is, first and foremost, a brand. We want women to think Simon Pérèle before thinking about the products.



The first store to bear the Simone Pérèle brand name opened in April 2016: (1st Parisianboutique: 84 rue François Miron, Paris 3rd arrondissement) We have designed a furnishing concept which corresponds to our brand platform, and that we intend to deploy throughout the world: in our own shops, in department store concessions, as well as in our retailer network (special furnishings).



We plan to open an e-commerce site in April 2017. The principal aim of this point of sale is to present the entire product catalogue to our customers. And we aim to entice customers to go in to shops: what can we do together to attract new customers to visit our retailers? There will be online shopping on the site, but we aim to encourage customers to head directly to shops where they benefit from well-considered advice.

Retailers are, and remain, our primary source of growth.




A history timed by the momentum of women’s emancipation, and interlaced with Simone Pérèle’s own story. It all started in 1948, when Simone Pérèle opened her Parisian workshop herself.




That was when the brand took off with customers. For example in 1968, breasts become more natural. That is when Simone Pérèle created comfortable underwear, and which did not show. Such as Pétale, the brand’s first invisible bra without underwiring, which sized up to C cup - completely new to lingerie. Women were enchanted and they were soon out of stock!



The intimate understanding of women, and the skill and creative nerve infused in the brand by the founder from its creation, have been conveyed to the second and third generations, who are today at the helm of the family business.

So it is now Mathieu Grodner-Pérèle and Stéphanie Pérèle who propose increasingly sophisticated and decidedly Parisian collections with spirit, modernity and elegance.



A formidable pair who demonstrate their desire to pursue the adventure and transform the group via their strategic Cap 2019 plan: this multi-layered project is ambitious, and Mathieu and Stéphanie are more committed than ever: using their different skills - in finance and sales for Mathieu, and product and fashion marketing for Stéphanie! It is a family aair, and they work together every day with a common objective.



Today all the Simone Pérèle collections are firmly embedded in fashion.

With 14 subsidiaries, a team of 1,600 worldwide, and over 3.5 million articles produced every year, the Fashion House’s international presence is more vibrant than ever.


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