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Sun 10 Nov

This week on The Shaker co-editor Lisa Portolan spoke to Sharon Schmidt, founder and owner of Intuituive Souls, psychic, medium and business owner. 

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Sharon, people obviously see you as the owner of Intuitive Souls, a bit of a spiritual guru, tell us a bit more about the real Sharon? The full picture. 

I'm hardly a guru, I have very diverse and lived experience, just like all of us. 

Lisa, like most women, I see myself as pretty simple, but my family would tell you I am pretty complex! 

I am a free spirt, I love hands-on-learning and sharing my  I love to travel - I don’t care where – my preference is by plane.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend…. I love my family and they are my priority. I have an amazingly, supportive husband, two beautiful daughters, our precious grandson, a son-in-law and almost another son-in-law, , two crazy jugs (jackrussellcross pugs) our grandfur doggie, my 6 chooks, then you have our extended families. You are probably getting the picture. 

Sharon tell us all about your business Intuitive Souls, what do you do, what type of sessions do you run, and what's the purpose of it? 

Lisa, Intuitive Souls is about empowering others through intuition, empathy, kindness and of course of hugs. My vision is for those who share space with me leave feeling more connected when they arrive, hopefully empowering them enough to make changes to their own journey. I am passionate about taking responsibility for our own life journeys and this may mean making simple life changes such as having gratitude and doing daily positive affirmations every day before you even put your feet on the ground…or whenever it suits you and trusting in the universe…which for many may sound really odd.

I am an Intuitive Psychic/Medium, Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach and Counsellor and Mentor. I am a certified and licensed HYL® Workshop Leader and Teens Facilitator as well as a HYL® Coach, authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay and an accredited meditation teacher and holistic counsellor (Cert.Med.Hol.Couns). 

My services include: 1:1 readings, coaching and counselling sessions, (face to face, over the phone, or by video. I also run women’s circles, transformational workshops, retreats and life coaching, both private and group sessions, and I am a chair yoga instructor and an Intuitive Mentor. Intuitive Souls is the umbrella all this can sit under.

The purpose of these teachings are to provide people, mostly women, with a space where they can connect to their inner beings and the Spirit World in a safe, fun, caring, practical and uplifting way. We seem to be busier than ever juggling our careers, families (however that looks skin or fur), extended families and friends and by then our tank is usually empty when it needs to be full before we help anyone…because everyone else benefits so much more from having the best version of us. With technology driving our lives we have access to anything we want or need, but sometimes we really just need to stop, still the mind, allowing our Soul to feel cared for and supported – however that looks as we are all different.

 How was the business born? Talk us through when you first has the idea to start Intuitive souls? 

I had a yearning to do something new about 10 years ago, I set myself a goal to retire at 50 and start my own business, running spiritual workshops and retreats. As my children grew, so did my desire to work with in a different way. 

About 8 years ago I began running Spiritual workshops as a hobby in my home, as I grew my workshops grew and I then decided to manifest a Bell tent as a workshop space, within 6 months I had purchased my tent and started running workshops from there. That  happened for 4 years. Ten months ago I moved into my studio, a beautiful space in our shed. Within this time, I retired from my PS role at age 50 and then a month later, and many brain storming sessions I registered my business Intuitive Souls thinking well, if it  works it works, if not I am sure another door will open and I didn’t really think beyond that. I have recently registered my business name for another 3 years -YAY!

What was the process from there? 

I set-up Facebook, Instagram and meet-up. My advertising commenced, with it has been another learning journey as social media is changing every day! I am so grateful how things continue to grow. This now let’s me feel that I am on the right path… 

One connection lead to another and before I knew it I had people coming from all places to connect with me. I have done readings for people across Australia and in France. I now travel each year to Darwin and Qld for workshops and 1:1 sessions. This year I ran my first amazing women’s retreat and was a sell-out – it was amazing. I already have women’s signed up for the Batemans Bay May 2020 and the introductory Darwin retreat in 2020 also. It’s amazing how things have unfolded – this happens when you trust in the universe and yourself! 

Now I know that you were previously an exec in Government, I think a lot of our listeners will be really keen to find out how exactly you made the transition? 

That was easy, the department I worked for was downsizing and I put my hand up. I was scared as  anything and pulled out after I accepted. But quickly asked if I could be reconsidered and thankfully had a wonderful National Manager who was very flexible and understand my fear. 

Once I made the decision the second time, fear disappeared for a bit, however, once I was no longer employed fear grew back, I had never run a business, what was I thinking, anyway who was I what skills did I have, who was I, what I destroying our life, I worked so hard to get where I am why am I chucking this all away….all those second guessing, egotistical views we have.

It has taken 3 years to get my head in a space to know, feel and trust I am exactly where I am supposed to be and most importantly, know and accept that things are always working out for me – a quote I live by from Esther Hicks, inspirational speaker and author.

This journey is far from over, actually, it has only just begun! So I am ready to receive all the wonderful things the Universe has for me!

Obviously there is an intuitive nature to your business, you have a particular skill in terms of seeing the other side, a lot of us are curious about that - because obviously we only see the tangible reality. 

When did you start to realise the you could see more?

I actually feel and know mostly Lisa, seeing doesn’t happen that often and I think from when I was a child and I was a scaredy cat. I used to feel things and say to them don’t you show yourself to me! Things ramped up when my dad became sick and then when he passed over 26years ago. I just knew there was more. We were pretty poor at the time but I saved every spare penny to attend workshops and teachings as the internet was not as accessible as it is today. 

What is means Lisa is a have a feeling or a knowing and I trust that it is a sign or message, my justification is how would I know this stuff about others of someone wasn’t feeding it to me. How lucky am I to be able to connect those in Spirit World with those where on the earth plane…not that’s not just awesome but I have so much appreciation. Please know I am not special, we all have this skill, I just choose to amplify it! I call my self s Bluetooth speaker – from spirit, through spirit (me) to spirit the client.

And did it scare youAt first hell yes! I used to tell them to go away. As I was honing my skills I would have to tell them no too. Now, I just turn on the power and turn it off and we both have great regard for that.

I know that you read Oracle cards, you also talk to angels or spirits or guides, what are some of the other elements that you practice, and how can they help your clients? 

Lisa I use my tools, oracle and I am learning taro cards, pendulums, crystal balls, runes and more because people like this, but in actual fact we don’t need the tools, we are all intuitive and we can all connect directly to the other side, like you with your communication training you have learnt the best way for you, this is the same for me. 

I call my group the collective, this includes guides, angels, Source and whatever higher being needs to connect with us at the time. 

Like many other metaphysical connections, there is simply no scientific way to prove or disprove the presence–or absence–of psychic abilities such as mediumship, we have our believers and non-believers and that is fine whatever works for you!

Tell us a bit about the workshops you run, and the types of people who attend? 

Retreats, Spiritual development, immersion, and hands on experience workshops, women’s workshops, women’s circles, mediumship development and immersion workshops, smudging workshops, meditation workshops, sessions with spirit, I do a mini version of this most Wednesday nights on my Facebook page for free,  next year chair yoga & meditation, 

This year I have focused on women as I related this to my own story, we are in a very connected world where we are all so busy, all our roles have changes both men and women and I want to help others feel great like I do. For me though women need other women for support, this was something that has been through the ages but as we get busier, more connected through media devices we become more disconnected with a hug or a chat -we are having a huge awakening and many of us are feeling lost so I I can help guide them, my job is done!  Besides, I want to change how we connect  which is why I have create sacred spaces for women to come and be themselves, share stories in a non-judgemental space where you can meet new friends and be yourself! I also do sessions for men but there are less men open to this…in saying that I am seeing more and more men each year.

What do people get out of them? 

Everyone one is different and all my clients come for different reasons – this is a very diverse business and ther eis no one size fits all here!

People become empowered, most of them are very grateful for their time with me as I am with them. I always have people sharing their stories of empowerment and change - for me that is what keeps my doors open. They tell me they love the caring, nurturing space I provide which gives them peace and permission to be themselves.

I know you include some First Nations component in your work, and collaborate with an Indigenous elder, what does that involve? 

I always acknowledge the elders and country as I have family friends and commit members I have worked with both in my new business and throughout my PS career. I have a lot of love and respect for those I work with.

I have work with James Baban, he is a NT aboriginal elder, he is a Shaman, artist and musician. He now lives on the south coast doing his Spiritual work. James and I both worked in corporate and in the spiritual world together. When he was in Canberra we would run spiritual development workshops, now he is down the coast, he ran a session at my Batemans Bay Retreat and as usual the ladies loved him as he is a wealth of knowledge with many years lived experience.

Where do you see your business going in the future? What's next? 

 I will keep doing my retreats and workshops, 1:1 sessions and go to Darwin and QLD each year, I am very open to other places…I have been talking about NZ in late 2020 or 2021 and am open to wherever the universe takes us! 

What podcasts do you listen to, and who are the top people you go to for business and spiritual guidance? 

I love inspirational podcasts like the Shaker, hehe, Esther Hicks, Hay house with Gabby Bernstein and many more, Deepak Chopra, Oprah, mind valley and whatever else strikes me at the time.

If you had three top tips for people around transitioning from the grind to a small business what would they be?      
Prepare for a journey of self-discovery before you do anything as you are about to find out who you really are – meditate and listen to positive affirmations – your creativity comes from this space – trust in yourself!

  • Make sure what you do is what you love and then, it will never feel like work!
  • Learn, learn and learn more even if it’s from your clients.     


    About Sharon

    Sharon is the ‘Hugging Intuitive’, she accepts responsibility for being the creator of her life and is a practical, free-spirited soul who speaks from the heart. 

    Sharon is professional Psychic/Medium, she is also a certified and licensed Heal Your Life® (HYL) Workshop Leader, Teens Facilitator and Coach, authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay. She is also a certified and accredited Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and Coach (Cert.Med.Hol.Couns). Sharon is a member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA).

    You can find out more about Intuitive Souls by visiting our website: https://www.intuitivesoulsstudio.com/  Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IntuitiveSoulsStudio/