PM Turnbull's Office is Now Hiring

Nic Crowther
Thu 17 Sep

While we’re pretty sure Peta Credlin won’t be updating off her resume for this one, we were thrilled to receive the APS Jobs listing for those who might like to work as an advisor in the office of the newly-annointed PM, Malcolm Turnbull.

The great thing about all of these rather well-paying positions is that you clearly won’t need to do anything. The successful applicants – who will receive between $78,000 and $160,000 – will be in the fortunate position of working with someone who already clearly knows more than they do.

Be it the internet, economics, social issues or simply where to find the best Chicken Chow Mein in Canberra’s Inner-South, Dictator Prime Minister Turnbull is simply one step ahead. So, if you’ve got extensive experience in filing, shoe-shining or subordination, click here to get your application started.